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Solutions and services to help make your event more successful

Event Content Aggregation and Management

Our solutions allow you to quickly and accurately aggregate, organize, visualize and promote event content such as speaker bios, sponsor logos and session details. Once in the system, event data can easily be use to create attractive microsites, digital signage or simple exported into virtual event platforms like Hopin, Airmeet and others.

Speaker, Session and Track Management Tools

Our platform provides you with tools to better manage your sessions and communications with speakers. Our "Enter Once - Use Many Times" approach to data saves you valuable time and energy. Our onboarding, proofing and approval tools eliminate embarrassing mistakes and inaccurate information, at this same time giving speakers more control over their image and data.

Event Customization and Custom Integration

Our solutions allow you to customize and automate your event experience. We allow you to implement best practices around in-venue communication, digital signage and attendee support using pre-built and custom components designed around your specific event needs.


Solutions and Services

Event Data Onboarding

Entering, managing and updating event data such as session information, speakers bios, and sponsor logos or level can be time consuming, tedious and prone to error. We help automate the process and provide the necessary tools so you only have to enter the information once.

Content Capture and Creation

Directly or through partners, we can assist you with video, audio and graphic content capture, creation and production if and as necessary for both virtual and hybrid events.

Speaker and Sponsor Management

Our platform provides a host of management tools that allow you to onboard and verify speaker data, display information on your website, and generate digital signage or graphics for use in marketing or on your virtual event platform.

Speaker Notification & Help Tools

Our platforms allows you to send speakers notifications and alerts via SMS and email. We can also implement help desk tools and functionality as an added layer of support for speakers and sponsors.

Custom Tools and Solutions

One size generally doesn't fit them all, that is why our goal is to work with you when necessary to implement custom tools, solutions and integrations that will save you time and money, and deliver a superior event experience to attendees.

Multi-Platform, Partner-Driven

Our solutions and services work across a broad range of virtual and hybrid event platforms, and we work with you and your existing vendors or partners to help make your event planning, management and implementation successful.

We support a broad range of
virtual + hyrid platforms and tools

Our team and partners has worked to deploy and integrate our platform
and solutions with a broad range of popular virtual event tools and offerings.
If there is a service or vendor you use that is not on the list,
please drop us a line to find out if we work with them!

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